TRADE & BUSINESS : Opportunities of Trade & Business with Vietnam

Bilateral trade between India and Vietnam has seen continuous growth over the past many years. India is now among the top ten trading partners of Vietnam. Total trade between the two countries during April – Nov of fiscal year 2016-2017 was US$ 6244.92 million. The two sides agreed to set the target of bilateral trade at USD 15 billion by 2020.

Major export commodities from India
Machinery and Equipment Chemicals
Seafood Products of chemicals
Pharmaceuticals Plastic resins
Cottons of all kinds Fibres of all kinds
Automobiles Steel of all kinds
Textiles and Leather accessories Fabrics of all kinds
Cattle feed ingredient Ordinary metals
Jewellery & precious stones
Main items of imports from Vietnam
Mobile phones & Accessories Rubber
Computers and Electronics hardware Products of polymers and resins.
Machinery and EquipmentS Pepper
Means of transport Fibres of all kinds
Coffee Products of steels
Footwear Wood and wooden products
Chemicals Ordinary metals
Products of chemicals

Indian investments in Vietnam have remained constant at around US$ 1 billion but are expected to rise in the coming years. During 2016, according to figures from the Foreign Investment Agency of Vietnam, Indian companies registered 17 new projects with a total capital of US$98.12 million in the areas of food processing, fertilizers, auto components, textile accessories etc. With these projects, India now has 131 major projects with total investments of about US$707.95, ranking 25th among 110 countries and territories investing in Vietnam.

Major sectors of investment
  • Energy
  • Mineral exploration
  • Agro-processing
  • Sugar manufacturing
  • Agrochemicals
  • Information Technology
  • Auto components


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